Delivering uninterrupted power across emerging markets

Imara integrates its game changing vision controller system with renewable energy system, battery storage and power stabilisation components to curb emerging markets unique power problems outlined below:

Expensive power

Frequent power outages

Poor power quality

Imara works with clients to develop a bespoke power stabilisation solution that will protect your equipment and operations while minimising costs and carbon footprint.

We are your unique solution provider, our own proprietary and licensed in-house energy management controller solution provides intelligent controls which:


Ensures zero flicker or noticeable impact on voltage and current waveform

Battery Back-up

Allows a 1 hr battery to run up to 6 hrs during daylight


Automatically corrects all voltage excursions from 300V – 500V

EE Savings

Provides immediate 10% savings on energy efficiency (ee) of entire plant by optimising voltage.

Power Factor

Corrects power factor. Provides autonomous power for your entire facility while allowing you to focus on your core business.

Providing quality power and innovative energy storage

Contact us if you are looking for reliable, stable and high quality power for your business.

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